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safety guidlines
Clubs, coaches, swimmers and spectators are requested to co-operate with the following safety measures. They are in place for the safety of everyone.


1. The instructions of those in authority are to be obeyed
2. Familiarise yourselves with the locations and operations of the buildings emergency exits.
3. All walkways and doors must be kept clear at all times.
4. Glass bottles are not permitted on the poolside
5. Where there is a balcony or rail no climbing is permitted.
6. Everyone must take all steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of others
7. Anyone observing anything they consider to be a safety hazard must report it to an official.
8. Coaches are not to be approached or distracted when performing their duties on poolside.


Extract from Meet Rules
1. The warm-up may only commence when advised to do so by the Chief Steward.
2. No diving is allowed other than those controlled by the meet stewards on the sprint lanes.
3. Odd numbered lanes are to be swum in a clockwise direction and even numbered lanes in an anti clockwise direction from the deep end.
4. No congregating will be allowed at either end of the pool lanes.
5. Sprint lanes - meet stewards shall designate the swimmers who may start to avoid congestion and diving in on backstroke swimmers
6. Do not start sprinting in a sprint lane until non-sprinting swimmers have cleared the lane.
7. On finishing a sprint immediately clear the way for the following swimmers.

1. It is the responsibility of club representatives/clubs to ensure that all their swimmers are sufficiently competent to dive start. Alternatively swimmers should be reminded that they may start from the poolside.
2. In the event of a false start, swimmers should perform a safe entry and not fall into the water. Dress Code 1. Swimmers out with the poolside must wear dry clothing and footwear at all times 2. No outdoor footwear is allowed on the poolside.
3. Swimmers required for presentation must be suitably dressed e.g. club tee shirt/ tops should be worn.

Thanks you for your co-operations in making swimming a safer experience for all