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Entry to Galas

As from 1 August only entries made on the club's entry form will be accepted. Paper copies will be handed out to swimmers as before together with meet information. Also a copy of the form can be downloaded from the club's web site and the meet information can usually be found on the Swimscotland web site.

click here for entry form (Microsoft Word Document)

Fill in
1. Name of meet
2. Swimmers name
3. Initial of middle name
4. Date of Birth
5. Scottish ID number, found on Scottish membership card
6. Event number
7. Stroke
8. Time
9. Whether LC/SC
If you are entering a LC meet have up to date LC times then use them as converted SC times sometimes give false position.

Completed forms can be, posted, e-mailed or faxed, or handed to me by the closing date.
No late entries will be accepted.
Choose stroke carefully as you may need times for the future i.e. Scottish meets must have times swum at accredited meets.
With Graded Meet - make sure entries are within consideration time. The club does not receive a refund for entries outside the consideration time
Do not send any money with form. When accepted entries are known, pay the Treasurer as soon as possible.

West District Records

Applications for records shall be submitted on the appropriate form to the District Record Keeper within 30 days of the attempt. Applications will not be approved unless the individual is a member of SASA and a 1st Claim Member of a West District Club.

Records can only be made at an accredited event

The approval or rejection by the District of any application shall be final

The events for which District Records can be claimed shall be Individual events as per paragragh R 13.9.5

Forms can be downloaded from the West Distrct Web Site